Eat Out to Help Out Scheme

Eat Out to Help Out Scheme


Update – 30/07/2020

The Government’s advice on the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme states:

-You can offer it all day, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3rd to 31st August 2020

-to offer a 50% discount, up to a maximum of £10 per person, to diners for food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in

There is no limit to the number of times customers can use the offer during the period of the scheme. Your customers cannot get a discount for someone who is not eating or drinking. Alcohol and service charges are excluded from the offer.


How do I apply this for my customers on the Goodtill in accordance with this scheme?

Goodtill is releasing a new function that will allow you to:

1) Opt-in from the back office (so this feature will not be applied by default) for your outlet(s)

2) Specify a category restriction on the products it can be applied to (to avoid it being applied to alcoholic products, for example)


How do I set it up?


On the backoffice:

You’ll need to enable the function by visiting this link :


Then you’ll be able to give it a label, and control which categories the scheme applies to.

You’ll be able to run a normal Sales Report (Reports > Sales Report), which will give you the information on how many times the EO2HO payment button has been used, along with the total amount.


On the POS app:

You will firstly need to be on app version 8.1. Version 8.1 will be live on Friday 31st July. You can check this by tapping the cog at the rop right. At the very bottom of the options menu, it will tell you the app version. You can update by going to the App Store > Search “Goodtill POS” > Update.


Then you can start a sale as normal by adding items to the basket. When it’s time to pay, select the Eat Out to Help Out button:




When you press the button, it will ask you to confirm how many people are on the sale (if there are covers on that sale, that number will be preselected).

Once confirmed, our system will calculate the number of people and the basket contents, and present the amount eligible for the discount, which you will pay off with the “EO2HO Scheme” payment button. You’ll then be asked to pay off the remaining amount from the sale as normal (cash/card/etc).



On Goodeats:

If the feature has been enabled, then, when using the drop-off/table fullfilment type (as the scheme only applies to food eaten onsite) the system will notify the customer that you’re participating in the scheme.

It will ask your customer to enter the number of people they’re ordering for:


Then it will calculate the appropriate discount and present the total to pay to your customer:

Please note that if you are also running promotions on your system using our Pro module, then you’ll need to disable it while the Eat Out to Help Out scheme runs. You can easily change it to not apply on the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday during the month of August – for more information on how to edit your promotions please click here .