How to connect your Payworks' machine

How to setup your reader for integration with the Goodtill POS app

Please note that the integration only works with the Miura reader. 

The Backend

You will need to request the Merchant ID from Payworks and email this, along with the following details to requesting that an account be setup:

Company Name
Street (with number)
Contact Information (number or email)
Sort code
Merchant City
Merchant Acceptor Name
Merchant ID

Please note that all of the above fields are mandatory

The support team will then set this up in the backend for you. 

The Frontend

When advised by the support team that the integration is ready, refresh your POS app by tapping the logo at the top left. 

Then go to the cog at the top right > Settings > Payment Settings > Enable Payworks. It will then recognise the terminal and should allow you to connect to it. 

Now when you press Pay it will send the amount to the card reader.