Connecting with RMS

How to connect with RMS to take integrated payments through your Goodtill POS app

RMS configuration - Goodtill Backoffice

  • Once you have received your RMS username and password, login to the Goodtill back office, and access the RMS dashboard by going to:
  • When the page is loaded, tap on the “Connect RMS” button, and insert the RMS details to link your RMS account to your Goodtill account.
  • Once connected you should see the following screen:RMS

RMS Configuration - POS App

After linking the RMS account to your Goodtill account, please remember to tap on the logo (top left corner) on the POS app to apply the settings in the POS. Enable the RMS payment type by going to the cog at the top right > Settings > Payment Settings. 


  • Please make sure that you have tapped on the logo (top left corner) in the POS app, if the ‘Payment Failed, Not Successful’ error appear. 
  • If you get the 'Payment Failed’, but the terminal was working previously:
    This can happen when the terminal loses the connection, please check that all the cables are connected, and that the terminal shows an active internet connection on the screen (green icon).